Brakes and Clutches

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But we don’t just do SAABS. We cater for all makes and models of car, van or campervan, old and new. Whether performing an annual service to your family car, looking after your cherished classic or maintaining your business transport, we can meet your individual requirements using the knowledge of our experienced industry trained technicians.

Brakes and Clutches

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Excellent service as they have just supplied a rear door window glass very quick and whoever packed it deserves a bonus. Well done guys from Sarbkar Saab specialist in Liverpool!
Anthony S
My 9-5 Aero dropped 5th gear. At really short notice they replaced it, and also sorted out other issues my usual garage back home hadn't picked up on. They really are excellent, far better than the so called specialists in Norfolk. Well worth the 150 mile round trip.
David C
I bought a rather lovely 9-5 HOT Aero Estate from Two Stroke To Turbo and am very happy. If you love SAABs, these guys are the best!
Martin H

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