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But we don’t just do SAABS. We cater for all makes and models of car, van or campervan, old and new. Whether performing an annual service to your family car, looking after your cherished classic or maintaining your business transport, we can meet your individual requirements using the knowledge of our experienced industry trained technicians.


The Haldex unit on my Vauxhall Insignia VXR was playing up and I couldn't find anyone to work on it. Even the local Vauxhall main dealer said they couldn't do it! As it's the same unit as used on the Saab 95 I approach this company and they were absolutely excellent. The car works like a dream again now and they even shared a few pictures of the work they did. Excellent work really appreciated.
Tom J
Excellent, these boys know their stuff and do a great job.
Robin G
Great place for old Saab spares and advice. They also helped me change the wheel on my van after I'd kerbed it on the journey there. Thank you :)
Spanner I

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